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Interactive In-Class Programs

Courses incorporate a mix of in-class speakers, company tours, and workshops, prepping you for a role in a new industry.


Reach Professional Goals With Personalized, One-on-One Support


General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today's most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.





Find out about our Immersive course students and their post-graduation job placement rates.

All our rates are audited and validated by KPMG. We think it's important that job placement claims are backed up by an impartial third party.

Get Hired: Pair New Tech Skills With Expert Career Training

Learn to take control of your job search — during and after the immersive course. Our career development supports offer personalized strategies that help you boost your skills in networking, branding, and more.

Our Outcomes program is offered exclusively to immersive students, fostering continual growth during your job search. Whether you’re sending applications or prepping for a technical interview, your career coach will help you grow beyond the course curriculum.

Network Better in Every Setting

Grow your connections. Utilize networking strategies to meet job search goals, from large events to one-on-one meetings.

Master Time Management

Discover how to manage the many tasks of a job search. Streamline your workflow and reformat your week to apply for roles.

Grow your tech skills toolkit and show off your portfolio. Access resources to keep polishing your skills.

Hone Your Technical Skills

Effectively convey who you are as a candidate. Practice talking about your experience in mock interviews and more.

Communication and Branding

Discover how to be a competitive, active job seeker. Learn how to set yourself apart, get your foot in the door, and land interviews.

Boost Your Application Quality

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"It’s normal to feel like an imposter at what you do, no matter your experience. Commit to learning how to adapt and grow into the person you haven’t become yet. Bitmaker General Assembly helped me do this."

Jermaine Ward, User Experience Design Immersive, Alumni

Your Path to Job Search Success

Our rigorous curriculum trains you in technical skills and prepares you for a new role in web development, data, or user experience design. Our Outcomes program gives you the skills needed to implement a job search strategy that helps you stand out.

Your career coach will be your accountability partner who will help you set goals, make a plan for success, and stay on track with your job search.

Learn to assess your skill set against job descriptions, track your process, and adopt a growth mindset to help recognize opportunities and open doors.

Design Your Job Search With an Expert

Discover How to Stand Out

Develop your professional brand: write a noteworthy resume, polish your online and in-person presence, and practice interviewing skills.

You’ll learn to communicate your new skills and competitive edge, plus gain tactics for overcoming mental blocks standing in the way of your success.

Understand the Employment Landscape

Get a holistic view of the coding, data, and design industries. Through resources from your coach, in-class speakers, company visits, and more, you’ll explore the roles, organizations, and career paths available for your skill set.

Gain a better idea of the job market you’re entering and take advantage of opportunities to grow.

Make new connections at networking events, plus learn strategies to leverage your existing network and online connections.

Show off your portfolio to potential employers and industry thought leaders, and strengthen valuable relationships with fellow job seekers at high-impact employer engagement events.

Expand and Leverage Your Community

Design Your Job Search With an Expert

Build the confidence you need to be successful. Our team will guide you to discover your strengths, hone your skills, and share your expertise with your community.

Develop your voice and feel empowered to share your talent and point of view with local entrepreneurs and leaders. Become active in online discussions and in-person meet-ups by sharing your work, diving into best practices for various tools and technologies.

We believe learners can make better decisions about their educational investments when informed about expectations for their experience before, during, and after a full-time training program. Our student outcomes reporting framework and published results aim to help prospective students and other stakeholders clearly understand the outlook full-time students at Bitmaker GA.

It's important that job placement claims are audited and validated by impartial sources. Our results are verified by KPMG to ensure accountability in our numbers across campuses.

Job Placement Information

We've built and nurtured strong relationships with a range of hiring partners — from small-scale startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Who Has Hired Our Graduates?

What’s the Outcomes Experience Like? Meet Toronto's Coach




“It's just as important to learn the soft skills as it is the hard skills. Employers are looking for amazing coders, designers, data scientists that can work well in a team environment."

Each day in Toronto, Melissa works with immersive students to practice interviewing, polish resumes and portfolios, and build a strong network — all of which are crucial to landing a role in a new field.

Melissa Tang is one of dozens of career coaches across our global campus network

What is the student Outcomes experience like — from the first day, to after graduation?

Our Outcomes programming fosters continual growth at each point of your job search. Whether you’re getting ready to send out quality job applications, networking for a mentor, or prepping for a technical interview, there are many opportunities to build your professional skill set beyond your course curriculum.

In-class training programs can include:

  • Lectures and workshops that cover everything from technical interviewing skills, tips on effective networking, targeting strong application materials, and much more.

  • One-on-one and group meetings with career coaches to discuss job search strategies and how to implement them, plus identify job search roadblocks and how to work through them.

  • Events and speakers that keep you on the pulse of today’s latest innovations, in-demand skills, and up-and-coming companies.

Post-graduation support can include:

  • Recurring check-ins with career coaches to track your goals and assess your overall progress.

  • Workshops to refine your resume, improve your application quality, and ensure you are an active job seeker who lands phone screens and interviews.

  • Preparation for both conversational and technical aspects of your interview.

  • Guidance with salary and benefits negotiation.

We create a community by hosting a range of events. For example, our talent showcases invite industry experts and employers to view student portfolios and chat with them about their skills, interests, and career goals.

We also create and nurture employer relationships through candidate recommendations, which directly connect students with employers that have open roles. Typically we will work with employers to understand what roles they have open and then find great matches from our graduate pool. From there we will share the candidates' materials (e.g., resume, portfolio, etc.) with the employer and then work to set up an interview.

How does Bitmaker General Assembly’s Outcomes team maintain relationships with employers?

It starts with absolute enthusiasm for their new field and desire to continue learning. It’s important to be seen as making a positive impact on the team they are being hired for.

Technically, it depends on the role. For example, UI skills are important when looking for user experience (UX) design candidates, strong writing and presentation abilities are key qualities in data science hires, and ability to fix bugs quickly for developers. 

It’s not just about the technical ability, however. Having a problem solving approach, tackling projects with a growth mindset, and being able to communicate with people and explain your reasoning are all characteristics that employers look out for.

What are common qualities and skills employers look for in job candidates?

Our team aims to customize career support to what the student or graduate needs support with, which could range from:

Interview practice: Build a clear storyline and personal brand, and be able to talk about yourself professionally.

Application quality: Gain strategies to not just apply for positions online, but to engage with the search process. Learn how to set up informational interviews to talk to people at various companies to get a referral.

Networking skills: Get more comfortable with networking, which is going to be a key part of your job search. We try to alleviate nerves with strategies that make it easier. For example, if you’re not comfortable going to big events and talking to a lot of people, then we provide tips on one-on-one outreach or coffee meetings. Learn to build relationships and identify possible mentors.

Continue growing your technical skills: Continue to polish your portfolio, solve algorithm problems, or practice Python. We provide resources and websites that facilitate this.

Time management: There are many things to manage during a job search. Developing your skills, networking, applying, interview prep, coding challenges. We sit down and talk with you about how to streamline your workflow. What are ways that they should reformat their week? We coach a balanced approach to job seeking, networking, and continued skills growth.

What are some common challenges students face that Outcomes focuses on?